Saturday, May 15, 2010

Twitter Rockstar

Learn about the Twitter Course Being Used by Pop Stars, Internet Marketers, Bloggers, and Social Media Professionals!
Dear Fellow Twitter User,
Listen, there’s no point in beating around the bush here. You either “get” Twitter or you don’t. If you don’t, then you are probably wondering what all the fuss is about – don’t worry, I’ll show you.
If you do see the value in Twitter, but aren’t sure how to tap into its potential, then you need to know how you can maximize your ROI without spending all day on yet another social platform. I’ve done all the research and tested thousands of methods and guess what, there is a way!
Introducing …. Twitter Rockstar
Twitter Rockstar

Make Me a Twitter Rockstar!

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Everybody talks about the wonders of Twitter, but no one tells you HOW to use it!

The truth is that Twitter can be just about anything you want it to be. If you want to make friends or socialize, then Twitter will make that extremely easy for you. However, if you are like most business owners, then you already have enough to do without adding yet another social tool to your daily routine.

As a business owner myself, I completely understand that and I’m going to be honest with you…most people that don’t know how to use Twitter effectively end up getting sucked in and wasting hours of precious productivity socializing. This isn’t going to help your business, and you are smart enough to know that.


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Saturday, May 1, 2010

How to Rap: The Art and Science of the Hip-Hop MC

How to Rap: The Art and Science of the Hip-Hop MC
Chicago Review Press | 2009-12-01 | ISBN: 1556528167 | 340 pages | PDF | 3 MB
Clipse, Cypress Hill, Nelly, Public Enemy, Remy Ma, Schoolly D, A Tribe Called Quest,—these are just some of the acclaimed artists offering tips and advice in this compelling how-to.Delivering countless candid and exclusive first-person insights from interviews with more than one hundred of the most innovative artists, author Paul Edwards examines the dynamics of rap from every region and in every form--mainstream and underground, current and classic—and covers everything from content and flow to rhythm and delivery. A first-of-its-kind guide, How to Rap provides a wealth of insight and rapping lore that will benefit beginners and pros alike.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

365 Steps to Self Confidence

365 Steps to Self-confidence: A Complete Programme for Personal Transformation - in Just a Few Minutes a Day
How to Books Ltd | 2008-05-15 | 224 pages | PDF
About this book

This book for everyone – young and old, men, women, students,
educators, business people, administrators, parents, homemakers, sports enthusiasts,
entertainers – yes, and you!
It has been carefully structured into 52 sections, covering the following areas:
* Deciding to be confident
* Self-awareness
* Thinking confidently
* Using your imagination to improve self-image
* Acting with confidence
* Confident communication.
Each section contains information, insights and words of inspiration, plus seven
exercises, practical hints or points to ponder. That’s one a day – not too taxing. is it?
I guarantee that if you read the material carefully and apply what you learn, you’ll
notice big changes taking place within two or three months, and a year from now
you’ll look back amazed at how much more confident you’ve become.


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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Photoshop Elements 8 Digital Classroom

Photoshop Elements 8 Digital Classroom by AGI Creative Team
Wiley | ISBN: 0470566922 | PDF | 432 pages

A complete book-and-DVD training package covering Photoshop Elements 8.Photoshop Elements combines an easy-to-use set of features and enhancements combined with image editing power in an affordable program. The newest version—Photoshop Elements 8—features more online integration with products like the new Flash-based Web galleries. This unique full-color book and instructional DVD provides you with an exciting learning tool that will help you get working with Elements 8 quickly and easily.
Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Digital Classroom is like having your own personal instructor guiding you through each lesson, while you work at your own pace.

Thirteen self-paced lessons encourage you to discover essential skills and explore new features and capabilities of Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.

A team of Adobe Certified Instructors escort you through the in and outs of working with Photoshop Elements 8, the user-friendly image-editing program.

This full-color book and instructional DVD package includes step-by-step instructions, lesson files, and video tutorials that complement the topics covered in each lesson.

Discusses the most important features of Photoshop Elements 8 including: importing photos from digital cameras and scanners, retouching and repairing damaged photos, enhancing digital images, and perfecting group shots with Photomerge.

Addresses editing images for posting on the Web, using the sharpness interface to correct blurry images, exploring the Curves tool to adjust contract and brightness, and organizing images with auto-stacking.

The DVD demonstrates how to edit and apply effects for stellar digital images, painting and retouching, and exploring the different filters and techniques that tap into your creative side to produce great images.

Get in the digital classroom and get started using Photoshop Elements 8 today!


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Friday, April 23, 2010

Sex Secrets: A Husband's Guide To Love Making

Sex Secrets: A Husband's Guide To Love Making by Frank Cupidon
PDF | 82 pages | English |Publisher: Duncan Long Publications 2008 |ISBN-10 : 0938326126

"Sex Secrets" is the comprehensive manual that will teach you how to make your lover so "hot to trot" she'll practically drag you into bed. You'll discover how women really view sex, what they desire, and how you can employ this knowledge to bring pleasure to your mate — and yourself.
Soon you and your lover will be enjoying sex in ways you've both likely only dreamed about.
"Sex Secrets" also reveals the between-these-covers secrets like how pheromones make (or break) a relationship, the pitfalls of a common medication that reverses a woman's attraction toward her lover; and the food and minerals essential for a man's healthy sex life. This manual discloses which sports, medications, and foods can destroy your lovemaking abilities almost overnight. You'll also learn ways to make love like the Energizer bunny, why size does not matter, the four ways you can bring a woman to orgasm (actually five ways, but this manual combines two of them).
There are even some "sexercises" to treat erectile dysfunction and an uncompromising look at "medical fixes" for sexual problems including anorgasmia, priapism, ED, etc., etc.
"Sex Secrets" will make you a super lover and give you a whole new level of enjoyment. Read this manual today for a super sex life that will help you build (or rebuild) a lasting and fulfilling relationship.


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Illustrator CS4 Digital Classroom

Wiley | 2009 | ISBN: 0470436352 | 320 pages | PDF | 15 MB

Illustrator CS4 Digital Classroom is like having a personal instructor guiding readers through each lesson, while they work at their own pace. This book includes 11 self-paced lessons that let readers discover essential skills and explore new features and capabilities of Adobe Illustrator CS4.
Every lesson is presented in full color with step-by-step instructions. Learning is reinforced with video tutorials and lesson files on a companion DVD that were developed by the same team of Adobe Certified Instructors and Flash experts who have created many of the official training titles for Adobe Systems.

Each video tutorial is approximately five minutes long and demonstrates and explains the concepts and features covered in the lesson. This training package shows how to create and produce vibrant graphics using this robust vector drawing application. Jam-packed with information, this book and DVD takes users from the basics through intermediate level topics and helps readers find the information they need in a clear, approachable manner.


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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dreamweaver CS4: The Missing Manual

Dreamweaver CS4: The Missing Manual helps you master the latest version of this popular web design program.
Perfect for beginners who need step-by-step guidance, and for longtime Dreamweaver designers who need a handy reference,
the sixth edition of this bestselling Missing Manual offers jargon-free language and clear descriptions for designing, organizing, building,
and deploying websites. It's the ultimate atlas for Dreamweaver CS4.


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